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A fun way to enhance your style is through color and texture. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to coloring hair. Whether you are looking to achieve a natural look or a dramatic change, color is an excellent way to express your individual style. Our stylists use Lanza Healing Color to make any look. Lanza is a semi-organic hair care line, and is the only hair color that heals, seals, and protects the hair! Lanza utilizes an exclusive Flower Shield Complex and Keratin Healing System to produce richer, longer-lasting colors.

Modifying the texture of the hair is also a great way to enhance your style. Smoothing systems are an excellent and efficient way to reduce curl and eliminate frizz. Living in the South, frizz is a constant battle with the humid weather. With a 95% frizz reduction rate, humid Southern summers are no longer a concern for those with curly or frizzy hair.

Hair extensions are also a great way to change the texture and look of your hair. Hair extensions can add volume and length to achieve any look. With several different types of hair extensions available, we offer a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in hair extensions. Our highly trained stylists will help determine the type of hair extension that is best for your desired look.


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