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Eyelash Enhancements are a fun way to emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes. Our award winning spa offers several different types of eyelash enhancements, from subtle and natural, to dramatic and glamorous. Eyelash tinting is great for people who have naturally light eyelashes and want to make them slightly darker. This service typically lasts about two weeks, and will create a natural mascaraed look. Temporary strip lashes are a simple and quick way to achieve a dramatic and bold look.

This glamorous look is great for a night out or a special event in which pictures will be taken. This look is easily removable at home. For those who wish to have a more permanent eyelash enhancement, eyelash extensions are perfect! Eyelash extensions are customized for each individual. They can maintain a natural appearance, or add fullness and length to create a dramatic new look.

Before you begin this service, your service provider will consult with you to ensure you achieve your perfect look. To maintain the eyelash extensions to keep them looking perfect, fill-ins typically need to be done every three to four weeks. All of our eyelash enhancement services are available at our Salon and Spa on Manor Avenue.



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